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Longtime Church member raped teen girl

For some reason, whatever Christians do is: 1) All the time in agreement with the holy spirit, and 2) All the time in agreement with the bible.

CONCORD, N.H. — Tina Anderson was a scared 15-year-old when she was summoned by church leaders to stand before her congregation and apologize for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Just minutes earlier in that evening service in 1997, a longtime church member admitted publicly that he had been unfaithful to his wife.

Now, 13 years later, Ernie Willis is charged with raping Anderson, and police are investigating what church leaders knew about the assault and whether they shipped Anderson out of state to keep the matter quiet.

When the pastor heard Anderson's allegations, he told her that if she had "lived in the Old Testament," she would have been stoned to death for not reporting the attack sooner.

"He also said I had 'allowed myself to be put in a compromising situation,' Anderson said. The pastor decided she needed to be "church-disciplined."

"I was completely humiliated," Anderson said, her voice quavering at the memory. "I hoped it was a nightmare I'd wake up from, and it wouldn't be true anymore."

The Associated Press does not generally identify victims of sexual assault, but Anderson asked that her name be made public. Several witnesses to the church service involving Willis and Anderson recounted details to The Associated Press.

Willis, 51, of Guilford, will be arraigned June 16 on sexual assault charges. He was released on a $100,000 personal-recognizance bond after his arrest last week. A message left on a cell phone linked to him was not returned. A woman who answered the phone at a number listed to him said he no longer lived there. Court documents do not list an attorney.

Concord police also are weighing whether to bring obstruction-of-justice charges against anyone who may have concealed the girl's location during the initial investigation, which authorities say they were forced to shelve when there was no victim to testify.

After all these years, Anderson decided to come forward after she was contacted by a Concord police detective in February.

She told police she started baby-sitting for Ernie and Tammie Willis' children when she was 14. When she was 15, Willis volunteered to teach her to drive after her mother refused to do so.

During one of those driving sessions, she says, Willis pulled her into the back seat in a parking lot and assaulted her. The second attack occurred weeks later, when she said Willis came to her house, pushed her onto a couch and raped her again.

Anderson said she realized several months later that she was pregnant, and her mother took her to the pastor at Trinity Baptist Church for counseling.

This week, Pastor Chuck Phelps said he reported the accusation to police and child welfare authorities within a day of his conversation with Anderson and her mother. He would not discuss the church discipline session or his role in relocating her to Colorado to live with a family of another independent fundamentalist Baptist congregation.

Police refused to release any reports, citing the ongoing investigation.

Oh so they even further punish the girl by sending her to another fundamental Church?

Here's the source:

Seven year old girl beaten to death for mispronouncing Bible

Please note Mathew 15:4 and Mark 7:10 are commandments from Jesus for Parents to kill their children if they're disobedient.

A Paradise couple accused of beating their 7-year-old adopted daughter to death will be in court this morning for a scheduled preliminary hearing.
Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz face one count of murder, one count of torture and one count of child abuse. The torture count alleges that the parents beat their 11-year-old adopted daughter so severely she ended up in the hospital with kidney failure. The child abuse charge is for bruising authorities reportedly found on the couple's 10-year-old biological son.

The Schatzes are parents to six biological children and three they adopted from Liberia about three years ago. Seven-year-old adopted daughter Lydia died of blunt force trauma in February. According to authorities, she was beaten for several hours with a quarter-inch plumbing supply line as her parents took turns holding her down and using the instrument. The blows reportedly cause Rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of muscle tissue which fatally damaged her vital organs. The 11-year-old was allegedly beaten in a similar manner the previous night.

According to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, the parents appeared to be following the methods of Michael and Debi Pearl, founders of a controversial fundamentalist religious group, No Greater Joy Ministries.

They also wrote a controversial parenting book "To Train Up a Child." In their literature, the Pearls encourage parents to use a quarter-inch plumbing supply line (or other items like rulers, paddles or tree branches) as a "rod" to "train up" their children. Though they tell parents not to injure their children, they also encourage constant "switching" or "licks" for not only disobedience but also for things like spilling nuts or being foolish. Additional "licks" are recommended when the child cries out.
According to local authorities, Lydia's "biblical chastisement" leading to her death may have been for mispronouncing a word during a home-school reading lesson. The Schatzes entered not guilty pleas to all charges in March. Kevin Schatz will be represented by Defense Attorney Michael Harvey while Elizabeth Schatz will be represented by Defense Attorney Kevin Sears.

The preliminary hearing allows the judge to hear evidence against the defendants from the prosecutors and witnesses as well as arguments and cross examination from the defense attorneys. The judge then determines if the case will proceed to trial. According to Ramsey, however, it appears likely that the preliminary hearing will be waived today and the case will proceed.

Both defendants are being held in the Butte County Jail on bail of $2 million each. Both face two life terms in state prison if convicted.

Pastor jailed for sexually assaulting two girls

A self-styled pastor now serving five years in prison for the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl was sentenced Monday to an additional nine months for abusing another girl.

Daniel Cormier, 58, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl who was a parishioner and volunteer at the now defunct Église du Centre-Ville (Church of Downtown Montreal) — a church which catered to the drug-addicted and downtrodden.

Cormier will serve the sentence after completing the five year term he received in January 2009 for the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl he claimed he had married.

Both girls turned to Cormier’s church when they were having problems at home.

Cormier became a sort of parental figure in the lives of the girls and frequently stayed and vacationed with him, said members of the church.

The teenage girl viewed Cormier as a sort of “guru,” said Crown prosecutor Anne Gauvin.

Cormier’s actions were persistant and planned exploitation, noted Quebec Court judge Claude Leblond in his sentencing.

Cormier did not express any remorse in either case and did not testify Monday.

The sexual assaults occurred sporadically between 1993 and 1996. In the first case, which pre-dated the assaults on the 16-year-old, Cormier insisted he was innocent and his 10-year-old victim was in love with him

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Women sue Pastor for raping them

This article is actually a few years old. We don't put up old articles often, but the abuse of women in Christianity needs attention (by the way, you can find hundreds of them).

Four women who claim they were sexually assaulted by their pastor are suing Christian Gospel Temple in Cross Plains, Tennessee for allowing the assaults to continue.

Lynette Fay, now 26, says that Reverend Paul Mears "basically raped me on a daily basis" when she was between the ages of 4 and 12. She believes that church leader Cornelius Mears, the brother of her alleged assailant, knew and did nothing to stop it.

Crystal Mears, says that Paul Mears, who is her grandfather, raped her when she was eight and told her, "God will condemn your soul if you ever speak a word of this to anyone."
The women charge that the temple is a cult which controls the smallest details of its members' lives. It was originally located in Chino, California, but in 1993 Cornelius Mears told the congregation they were moving to Tennessee, and hundreds of his followers gave up their jobs and followed him.

The current pastor has released a statement saying, "We believe the allegations against the Christian Gospel Temple are not correct or true."

I'd like to know where the article found the word "cult" from the ladies? Most likely other versions of this storey didn't include "cult".

Here is the site for the church:

Female Muslim dubbed as "leading scholar"

She certainly know her stuff. Sadly we're still waiting for something positive about Christian women.

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Sexual graphic in the Bible is inapropriate for children

Quite long and VERY informative.

Almost everything we think we know about the Bible and sex is wrong.

Instead of being a list of sexual shalt-nots, the Bible contains so much graphic eroticism that parents may want to keep the sacred text away from youth under age 18.

Indeed, that’s what 2,000 Hong Kong residents tried to do in May when they called on a Chinese decency commission to restrict the Bible to adults only because it contains passages that seem to give the okay to incest, rape, adultery and a father offering his daughters to strangers for sexual gratification.

The Bible — which has been the foundation for much of the world’s sex-related laws — is actually, it seems, quite erotic, and surprisingly soft on things like prostitution and polygamy.

And even though some Bible passages criticize homoeroticism, others non-judgmentally describe prominent men loving other men in a sensual way. The Bible, as well, frequently employs sexual communion as a metaphor for how humans can passionately relate to God.

As if that’s not enough to shatter prim and proper stereotypes, the Bible contains sections such as the Songs of Songs, which highlight sensual delight in ways that could snap open the eyes of unwary adults, let alone children.

Even though the protesting Hong Kong residents were trying to make a wry point about the dangers of Chinese government censorship, The Song of Songs from the Hebrew Bible (which Christians call the Old Testament) is, really, quite hot. It makes 38 metaphorical references to male and female genitals and includes several cheery accounts of oral sex. It does not mention God once.

For good and ill, what we think the Bible says about sex matters a great deal.

In the U.S., the Bible and sex is at the root of the politically manipulated “culture wars.” Canadian laws on everything from marriage to abortion were, until recently, governed by how people read the Bible.

What the Bible says about homosexuality continues to divide the worldwide Christian church — with Canadian Anglicans next week taking on the thorny topic in Winnipeg at their once-every-three years General Synod.

Those include the Bible’s wonderful sexual euphemisms — in which genitals are described as “feet,” “thighs,” “mandrakes,” “pomegranates” and “hanging fruit.” Meanwhile, the most common euphemisms for intercourse are “to enter,” “to lie with,” “to know” and “to go into.”

Despite the emphasis some Christian and, to a lesser extent, Jewish leaders, have placed on the Bible’s apparent denunciations of some kinds of sex, such passages are few and far between — and even then often contradictory.

The Bible sends no message, or mixed messages, about divorce, adultery, masturbation, abortion, celibacy, sexual abstinence, homosexual relations and even sex with slaves, says Hornsby, who could be described as a moderate-to-liberal Bible scholar.

It should come as no surprise that some scholars will disagree with some of Hornsby’s historical contextualizing, but that’s the name of the game in Bible study. It’s all about interpretation, formally known as hermenuetics.

Masturbation? There is no prohibition against it in the Bible, Hornsby says. The famous Genesis story of Onan, for instance, has nothing to do with masturbation being bad.

It’s about a royal man engaging in coitus interruptus to shirk his procreative duties to his deceased husband’s wife, so that his own son would inherit riches. Meanwhile, the song of Songs 5:2-6, includes a self-pleasuring female erotic fantasy that may knock your socks off.

Abortion? The issue that makes or breaks political elections in dozens of countries? There is no specific word for abortion in the Bible, Hornsby says.

It is equally difficult, she maintains, to determine any clearcut message from the Bible about the touchy subject of birth control.

Polygamy comes out oddly — since a lot of Bible heroes, including Abraham, Jacob and David, had multiple wives and no one seems to care.

There are, as well, no Biblical words for “husband” or “wife,” unless you consider “master” a synonym for husband.

Actually, master would be a fitting description, because in Biblical times women were considered property, like sheep. In such a context, female adultery was ranked as theft

Sexually enslaved for 25 years

Many call the ministry a "cult", but that's because they are a violent bunch. If this was Islam, Christians would be glad.

The authors portray this is anti Christian yet they wouldn't give a damn if this was by Muslims.