Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pastor rapes 9 year old girl

A former pastor at the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Movement, David Nwaneri, 38, has been arrested by the police and charged to court for allegedly defiling a nine-year old girl.

The accused, who claimed that his wife recently delivered a baby, was caught in his house located at 35, Akogun Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria, using his fingers on the private part of the victim and in the process broke her hymen.

The eldest sister of the victim alleged that she saw him carrying the victim on his lap.

The prosecutor also alleged that he forced his victim to rob his penis to satisfy his sexual desire.

In her statement to the police, the victim disclosed that the pastor invited her into his room at about 7 p.m. on the fateful day and started putting his fingers into her private part.

Her elder sister alleged that blood was coming out of her private part when she saw her and this made her to report the matter to her mother who raised an alarm that attracted neigbours.

The matter was reported at the Ejigbo police station and the pastor was arrested and charged before the Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court for defilement.

In his statement to the police, the pastor allegedly admitted putting his fingers into her private part but did not have sex with her.

He begged the family for an out of court settlement but the police rejected his plea.

The presiding magistrate, Mrs. M.B. Folami, asked the mother of the victim, Mrs. Gladis Ulebe, if she was still interested in prosecuting the case and the woma tendered a letter to withdraw the matter.

Christian man marries 10 year old girl

And yet again, the sorry media tries to cover up scandals commited by Christians. Using words such as "Self-proclaimed christians" or in this case it is claimed it wasn't known if he had religious training. Oh well it is yet again Christianity at it's finest.

The arrangement, investigators believe, lasted for almost nine years until the young woman walked into the Mound Police Department in January and bore witness against her uncle.

The niece told investigators that Fall maintained the relationship through coercion, threatening to kick her and her two brothers out of the house if she didn't go along.

In recent years police were called to the home to talk with Fall's wife and the niece about alleged abuse, but both denied it, according to police reports.

"He really believes that this is OK," Mound Police Chief James Kurtz said. "I don't know how long he's believed that."

'A firm set of beliefs'

James Fall has been in the Hennepin County jail for weeks awaiting trial.

He is scheduled to be in Hennepin County District Court later this month as part of a custody hearing involving a 16-year-old nephew living at his home who was taken away by the county after the sexual abuse allegations surfaced.David Risk, Fall's lawyer, said he will ask the court to conduct a mental health evaluation on Fall to see how competent his client might be.

Fall's punishment, Risk said, might ultimately hinge on his religious beliefs.

"From a religious perspective this is very unusual," said Risk, who does not expect to use polygamy or religious freedom as a defense. "We need to explore his mental health. Mr. Fall has a firm set of beliefs. That is something we will have to look at. Some of his beliefs are outside the norm and would cause someone to question his competency."

Now notice up here there is a clear cover up for Christianity. Quite obvious this is an evangelical lawyer hired. All enough to give this article another label. Can you guess what it is?

Wittke and other Mound police officers said Fall knew what he was doing and had ready arguments about what he did and how he lived.

Investigators have not been able to determine whether Fall, who calls himself a Christian, has any formal religious training. Wittke said she was told that Fall's father was a minister at a church in Minneapolis decades ago.

Wittke said no one who knows Fall has come forward to say he needs medication or hears voices or somehow is not in control of his actions.

"He was very calm ... very open to talking about it," Wittke said. "He did not hold anything back. I think that when this all got started he searched the Bible looking for scriptures to tell him that it was all OK."
Other facets of the case

Police also are investigating possible fraud, a murder allegation and just how the victim and her two siblings came to live in the Fall home after the death of their father.

Following Fall's arrest, family members contacted the Anoka County Sheriff's Department to have investigators look at whether James Fall might have killed his brother-in-law, Phillip Johnson, possibly by poisoning him 10 years ago.

"We reviewed it," said Lt. Paul Sommer. "We talked to the medical examiner's office and everything was done ... the coroner said [Johnson] died of a heart attack."

The question of how the children ended up in the home after Johnson's death has yet to be answered.

"We cannot confirm he has any legal status with the children," Kurtz said. "We can't find any legal documents that he has legal guardianship."

That has spurred allegations that the Falls were taking monthly Social Security checks from the children and using that money to live on.

Police said they also are checking computers in the home for child pornography. Wittke said that Fall showed the victim pornography that usually depicted younger girls and older men.

As far as police can tell, there appear to be no other victims in the case. But a final ruling on that probably won't be made until after the computers are analyzed and the investigation is completed.

"It's a strange case," Kurtz said. "I've never encountered one like this before."

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pastor arrested for beating up wife

A PASTOR of the Christ Embassy Church in Bulawayo allegedly assaulted his wife resulting in her sustaining a swollen eye during a dispute over her inheritance, it has been learnt.

Cornelio Mudzani Sunduza (44) of Rodger Road, Sunninghill briefly appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Miss Rose Dube, for allegedly Contravening Section 3 (a) (1) and section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act, chapter 9:23 last Tuesday.

The prosecutor, Mr Malvern Nzombe, told the court that on 25 March this year Sunduza and his wife had a heated argument over her mother’s estate while they were in their bedroom at their Sunninghill home.

It is alleged that on the day in question Sunduza was seated on their matrimonial bed while his wife lay next to him. Sunduza is said to have asked her to phone her relatives to come and sort out the pending issue of her mother’s estate.

Mrs Sunduza refused to comply with his request and told him to call them himself.

That angered Sunduza who allegedly became violent and dragged his wife off the bed onto the floor were he allegedly kicked her several times all over the body.

The court was further told that his alleged onslaught did not end there as he went on to assault her with fists and open hands on the face and other parts of body.

As a result of the attack, Mrs Sunduza sustained a swollen left eye and her left arm was also swollen.The matter was reported to the police, leading to Sunduza’s arrest.

Mrs Sunduza was referred to United Bulawayo Hospitals for treatment.The medical report will be presented in court as evidence.
Sunduza was remanded out of custody to 26 May for continuation of trial.

Pastor brutally assaults woman

A GWANDA woman escaped death by a whisker when she was brutally assaulted by a pastor during a cleansing ceremony.
A pastor from Zion Church of Christ (ZCC), John Gochani (65) of Betsa area pleaded not guilty to assault, but was convicted by Gwanda resident magistrate Mr Takudzwa Gwazemba.
He was sentenced to 105 hours of community service at Betsa Primary School.
In his defence Gochani told the court that it was their church’s belief to assault patients when driving away evil spirits.
When he was asked whether the evil spirits had gone, he said they had not, but were going to be driven away after another assault if she had not reported the matter to the police.
The prosecutor, Mr Mazwi Goto, told the court that on 10 February, the complainant, Mrs Gugu Nzima (45) went to Betsa ZCC congregation where she was referred to by a pastor from Garanyemba.
She was sent there for a prayer session since she was not feeling well.
Upon arrival Gochani asked the complainant why she was there and she said her pastor had referred her to the congregation.
She then handed him a letter from the pastor.
Gochani then ordered a female church elder to take the complainant to a place where the prayer session was to be conducted.
On arrival she was told to take off her clothes except for the bra and panties.
Gochani later came and started assaulting Mrs Nzima with a switch and she sustained serious injuries as a result.
The matter was later reported to the police, leading to his arrest.

Ice cream ad angers Christians

Yep Christians have attacked freedom of speech yet again.

A controversy-courting Italian ice-cream maker is in hot water for running an ad featuring a heavily pregnant nun with the strapline "immaculately conceived", after a stream of complaints to the advertising watchdog that it is offensive to Christians because it mocks the birth of Jesus.

The ad, which is featured in magazines The Lady and Grazia, features a pregnant nun enjoying a pot of Antonio Fedirici ice-cream.

The Advertising Standards Authority has launched an investigation to see if the campaign breaks the advertising code on the grounds of taste and decency. The ASA has received about 40 complaints from members of the public that it is offensive to Christians, especially Catholics, "because it mocks the virgin birth of Jesus".

Matt O'Connor, creative director at the ice-cream company, argued that it is an "intelligent, challenging and iconoclastic piece of advertising". O'Connor, who points out that he is an Irish Catholic himself, also argues that the ad "tells a deeper story", satirising the "horrific stories involving thousands of pregnant Irish women enslaved by the Catholic church in convents and who had their children taken away from them by nuns because they were seen as 'moral degenerates'".

The ad is the latest in the company's "Ice-cream is our religion" campaign.

Last year the ASA banned an ad campaign by the company featuring a a young nun and priest about to share a kiss after complaints that it was offensive to those in a religious order.

Vatican police asks women campaigners to leave

Activists campaigning for the Catholic Church to ordain women as priests were asked to leave the Vatican on Tuesday.

They argue that women in the priesthood could have helped lessen the impact of the child abuse scandal sweeping the church.

The half-dozen campaigners had unfurled a banner and were handing out leaflets when Vatican police asked them to go.