Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Women sue Pastor for raping them

This article is actually a few years old. We don't put up old articles often, but the abuse of women in Christianity needs attention (by the way, you can find hundreds of them).

Four women who claim they were sexually assaulted by their pastor are suing Christian Gospel Temple in Cross Plains, Tennessee for allowing the assaults to continue.

Lynette Fay, now 26, says that Reverend Paul Mears "basically raped me on a daily basis" when she was between the ages of 4 and 12. She believes that church leader Cornelius Mears, the brother of her alleged assailant, knew and did nothing to stop it.

Crystal Mears, says that Paul Mears, who is her grandfather, raped her when she was eight and told her, "God will condemn your soul if you ever speak a word of this to anyone."
The women charge that the temple is a cult which controls the smallest details of its members' lives. It was originally located in Chino, California, but in 1993 Cornelius Mears told the congregation they were moving to Tennessee, and hundreds of his followers gave up their jobs and followed him.

The current pastor has released a statement saying, "We believe the allegations against the Christian Gospel Temple are not correct or true."

I'd like to know where the article found the word "cult" from the ladies? Most likely other versions of this storey didn't include "cult".

Here is the site for the church:

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