Friday, April 1, 2011

Preacher swear's at women for cheating and wearing revealing clothes

Uh oh we all know what the bible says about women who have affairs, they must be burned alive

Angry residents demolished a preacher's home because they're fed-up of his public sermons accusing female neighbours of sleeping around.

But the man of God refuses to budge and has simply rebuilt it.
Philippi residents say the pastor regularly stands in the middle of the road and starts swearing at women in front of their young children accusing them of having affairs.

People finally had enough and demolished his shack on Monday but the persistent preacher rebuilt his shack on Tuesday.

A resident says the pastor is lucky people in his area have not tried to hurt him.

"He stands in the road and tells the women they cheat on their men and others sleep with their own children," he says.

"When they confront him, he tells them God shows him their infidelities in his dreams."

A 52-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, says the pastor followed her daughter and swore at her all the way to the shop.

"He told her she is a witch who always wears revealing clothing and she learned witchcraft from me," says the disgusted woman.

The pastor was unavailable for comment. - Daily Voice

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  1. Asthegfirullah..the blog reveals the women real status in Christianity! what a it encourages horrible actions and demoralizes the society. May God save us from such corrupt and false religions!