Monday, February 7, 2011

David Wood's most screwed up myth yet

Has to be david's most laughable remark.
Yet again, he barks.
And his christians followers agree with him (don't forget what the christian ideology is).
Really, when top notch christian scholars come up with psychotic myths, this continues to tell me christianity is a false filth (sorry faith).

So this time David brought up pictures of women, who had acid thrown on their faces. David thinks since the hijab/burka protects women, the hijab/burka failed to do so. It failed to save these women. A piece of clothing did not protect women from acid.

Are you all still laughing?

You can find it all right here, including the moronic comments by christians:

Do I really need to refute anything? Unfortunately yes. The christian mind isn't very sharp when it comes to basic thinking.

Covering yourself protects modesty. It shows you want to be known and liked for who you are. And it takes the attention and attraction of men away. These same men are the ones raping women in dark alley's as we speak in the beautiful christian nation U.S.
Since islam calls for women to cover up, to not be molested, instulted and especially in danger in any way, God knows how to protect it's male counter parts.
And David was smart enough to put reasons of why these women got acids in their faces. Can you connect Islam with it? Apparently christian can.
But if we look at christianity, its form of modesty is bikini's, and racy outfits. Since christian women are always wearing them in public, and no christian has EVER spoken out on this, and since christian leader's are LITERALLY PRAISING these "brave" and "courageous" women (i.e carrie prejean and pageants), and lets not forget the holy sprirt, christianity is the TRUE depresser of women. Would any true God allow this? I don't think so.

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