Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fleeing her abusive husband

Intresting storey in this about a woman who's fled to America from Guatamala (stats show the country is 91% christian).
Paul wrote a woman was made for man didn't he? And how she has to submit (which literally means "worship" religiously speaking)like how Sarah did to Abraham? Oh and lets not forget the sexist OT verses (which Jesus honoured and respected) as well.

Rody Alvarado Peña, now 40, was 16 when she got married in her home country of Guatemala. Her husband severely beat her for more than 10 years—pistol-whipping her, using her head to smash windows, chasing her with a machete, dragging her down the street by her hair, and kicking her repeatedly in the stomach in hopes of aborting their baby.

In 1995, Rody ran away to the United States and sought asylum. See, generally, asylum here is only granted to people who are part of social group that is persecuted—abused women traditionally do not count. But lawyers in Rody’s case argued that they should, because women in Guatemala are persecuted in a targeted way—more than 4,000 women in the country have been beaten to death by their husbands in the past decade, and only 2% of the cases were ever solved.

Just a little comment, hundreds of women in the US (which is 85% christian with some christian values and beliefs in their government and judicial systems) die from domestic abuse. So the chances of her gaining freedom is not that high.

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