Monday, February 7, 2011

More new allegatations by Rifqa Barry

I've noticed when one embraces christianity, they'll often embrace ignorance as well (oh yes the Quran speaks on that by the way). After the amusing tales Riqfa has been telling the past few months, more keep popping up. Now lets look from this article:

"I don't have to live in fear of my dad (crying). I won't get hit," Bary told an FDLE agent.

Yet at the same time the FDLE found ZERO evidence of abuse. And let's look at the most laughable lie given by Rifqa:

Bary said she had to get away from a father who she said beat her.

"He actually just slammed me in the face with his hand to, to quiet me down. So things were like that were used to straighten me out," Bary said. “I remember my dad looking at me with such anger. He was just so angry and he socked me in the face with his hand. Just I, I my face was burning."

How can christians literally be rooting for this girl? Oh ya I forgot they're christian.

There's been quite a stir of who bought a bus ticket for Rifqa. No name came up and Pastor Lorenz said he couldn't say who got it for her, and this could mean he knows and doesn't want to tell, or just doesn't know at all (from and while reading this look over to the video of the pastor speaking. See how his christian tactics (referring to other muslim activities) is in their.

But if we look at the article i've posted about Rifqa getting "abused", a person named John Lew, who is part of the church orginization lorenz runs, bought the ticket for Rifqa to come to Florida.
In that same article Rifqa says she chose Florida due to its distance from Ohio. Probably another lie, the Lorenz's are located their. Isn't it obvious?

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