Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I'm not going to debate Christians about Rifqa Barry/Islam on Facebook

So I got an email today, from a person (I do not know if they're muslim or not) asking me to debate Christians on a facebook group called "Saving Rifqa Barry". I actually didn't know there existed a group about Rifqa, because I searched for one before and couldn't find anything on her.
So anyways the group, as any other christian source of material, is attacking Islam left and right. But we all know Christians come up with the same tactics, excuses, and attempts, as if they completely ignore muslim answers (scoff). Though they don't have much on there.
Every member who's posted seems quite angry at Islam and at the same time experts. While the lame allegations which only make us slap our knees harder, due to the sensitivity, I won't go and refute them. Let them keep there momentum on bashing Islam (wierd they use the bible to defend themselves isn't it?).
I like how everyone praises eachother, like "Great Job brother" or "Amen" to anything anti islamic. Again we see the holy spirit guiding those who believe in Paul.

I don't want anyone to think that I've stopped to go onto anti-islam groups and refute christian myths and lies, but just not the one about Rifqa. I don't think christians will be able to handle the contradictions, and countless updates by Rifqa Barry.
For those who haven't seen the articles on Rifqa I wrote, please click onto the "Rifqa Barry" tab.

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