Monday, February 7, 2011

Rifqa Barry's brother is a binge drinker/non virgin!!???

So much more light continues to be shed on Rifqa. And surprisingly we thank Pamela Geller for giving this delightful insight to us.
You can view his DUI'S, and other criminal activity here:

Do you see something? PAMELA GELLER IS A STALKER. She spends her entire day taking pictures of people in the internet, she spends her entire day searching people up, doesn't this seem a little creepy to you?

On his facebook (the brother of Rifqa) page:

I'm a selfish prick. A hot, Carmel love, pampered intellectual with a big dick and a marathon thognue. I'm young enough to do it often and old enough to do it right. I don't have time for petty drama or emotional hysterics. I do what I want, When I want.

And on the side of his facebook page:

God is a DJ, life is a dancefloor, love is the rhythm, you are the music.

Wow, what an Islamic family huh? Both children are engaged in christian activity anyways. Rifqa a cheerleader and her brother a drunk.

Oh and notice on the comments, David Wood from and acts 17 apoologetics, made references to his psychotic thoughts.
Notice how ALL chrstians label this as "islamic" and how they don't mention islam doesn't have what the Barry kids do. And take note as well how they don't condemn binge drinking/adultery. Why? Because christans use John 8:1-11 as a guide, letting them adulter all they want because God gave them "freedom". And the satanic drink alchohol is necessary consupmtion in the christian faith.

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