Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pastor tortured wife for a decade

I'm quite shocked. This has to be one of the worst cases of domestic violence by any Christian (for pastor's and priests atelast)

A former pastor in Floyd County is arrested and charged with assault in what detectives call one of the worse cases of domestic violence they have seen.

37 year old Alonzo Bradley is accused of torturing his wife for years.

Wednesday afternoon Bradley's case was waived to a grand jury.

Police and domestic violence shelter directors say this case is an example of domestic violence increasing in the big sandy region.

In the past four years, domestic violence cases nearly doubled in this area.

37 year old Alonzo Bradley was arrested wearing a "Be Like Jesus" t-shirt.

Police say he used to be the pastor at the Freedom Pentecostal Church on Conley Fork in Floyd County; but detectives say behind closed doors he tortured his wife for a decade.

It's just a horrendous case. It's one of the worst assaults we've seen on a woman in a long time. Sadistic type injuries to this woman of beating with implements and using instruments to actually burn her with and so forth, so it's just a terrible situation,” trooper Mike Goble said.

The woman is now in a safe place.

Bradley's attorney did not want to comment.

This is just one of the hundreds of domestic violence cases in the Big Sandy Region.

Statistics from the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association show the region is one of the only places in Eastern Kentucky where cases have increased every year since 2006.

The Sandy Valley Abuse Shelter went from helping 93 people in '06 to 177 in 2009.

“I think the numbers have increased, especially with the economy, you know, things have been worse and our numbers have increased,” Elizabeth Fitch, Sandy Valley Abuse Center Program Coordinator.

Police say the case involving the former pastor shows alleged abuse is happening in all walks of life.

“It occurs in the richest of families to the very poorest of families,” Trooper Goble said.

It's all about power and control, it has nothing to do with your status in the community,” Elizabeth Fitch said.

Bradley is being held on a 250-thousand dollar bond. Police say more charges are pending

See women in Christianity are forbidden to divorce their husbands. They have to submit (ephesians 5:22, 5:24, 1 Peter 3:6 and numerous others) to whatever their husbands say. The inferior status of women in this faith is clearly shown and reflected.

All I can say is God help the helpless christian women, suffering and wanting out of their marriages and just the faith in general.

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